December 4, 2008

Love Triangle

Last night around 11 pm, I finished New Moon. It wasn't as great as the first book, but that's just because of the circumstances with Bella and Edward. I don't want to spoil it, so if you never read the book, don't read the rest of this blog. You see, Bella and Edward get separated because Edward feels he puts Bella into much danger when she cuts herself at their house while opening presents. (It was her 18th birthday) Edward had to jump on Bella to keep her safe from his weak brother Jasper who is newest to their diet. While protecting, Edward ended up making Bella bleed more by crashing into things that made her fall into glass. She ended up getting stitches. After that whole incident, Edward was quiet and distant. After a few days, he lied to Bella in order for her to let him go, he told her that he didn't want her anymore. After that, Bella grew into a deep depression from October to January. Until her dad started to get on her case that she was to stop this moping. Bella decides to call her friend Jessica, who she ahsn't spoken to in awhile since Edward. They hang out at Port Angeles. Bella runs into some men in front a bar and she's drawn to confront them. (You'll know why if you read the first book.) But right as she gets closer to the men, Edwards voice appears like a hallcuination, but not the kind of thoughts she thinks of and it hurts her, but it soothes and makes her feel better. The beautiful voice of Edward's tells her not to do anything stupid or childish. (Before he left her, he made her promise not to do anything to hurt herself.) Ever since then, Bella tried to think of reckless things to do, just to hear his voice because no matter how hard she tried to revive the voice again, it ended up becoming painful and opening up the hoel in her heart even more. She then spots a pair of motorcycles and picks them up with mischieve in her eyes, knowing it was a recklass thing. She takes them to her friend Jacob Black who it willing to fix them. As he does, Bella and Jacob get closer and for some reason, she feels good with him. Starts to need him. But once their apart, she feels that same dreaded feeling. She gets nightmares and wakes up screaming. (This started happening when Edward left) Then Jacob gets sick, but once he's better, he tries to avoid Bella. She does everything to see him until she does. He says hurtful words to her and break his promise to never hurt her and always be there for her. That same night, he jumps into her window and makes her remember something. She then remembers the stories he once told her when they first saw each other and finds out Jacob Black is a werewolf. She doesn't mind at all, come on. How can she when she dated a vampire for 6 months? Haha. Everything is back to normal, now the werewolves can protect Bella from Victoria. (James' mate from the first book. She wants revenge for Edward killed James.) Jacobs leaves to go hunt for Victoria. Bella grows anxious as she waits for Jacon on the beach of La Push. She realizes she hasn't heard Edwards voice in awhile so she decides to go cliff diving without Jacob. As she tips her body against the cliff, Edwards voice tells her to stop, but she just smiles and lets herself fall until she hits the river. It was such a rush, but then she realizes the current is too much. Edward's voice comes and he's angry, telling her to swim. She tries, but the current is too strong. Eventually Jacob rescues her. As he drives her home, she spots one of the Cullen cars. She lets Jacob leave because vampires and werewolves are mortal enemies. She goes inside, but she's convincing herself it's not Edward. She finds it's Alice and she is surprises. Alice has a vision that Bella jumped off a cliff (which she did) and headed flew to her. She was convinced that Bella had died. She told Edward about the vision, but not the part of Bella being dead. They catch up and Bella is happy. But she's afriad that she'll fall back into her depress state once Alice leaves. Until a misunderstanding occurs. Jacob answers the phone and think it's Carlisle at the other line. Jacob tells him that Charlie isn't home and that he's at the funeral. Alice comes out now. (ALice left when Jacob came to see Bella.) Bella wonders why Alice's face looks worries. She tells Bella that she saw a vision of Edward. Alice calls Rosalie asking to talk to Carlisle, but he's out. She also asked if she heard from Edward. Rosalie tells Alice that she told Edward that Bella is dead; now he's going to Voltaire to ask to die. Bella doesn't understand when Alice is telling her this. She explains that Carlisle just called at the house and told her what Jacon said. Alice realizes that it wasn't Carlisle at all. It was Edward. He was going to Voltair to commit sucide. He was going to do something the Voltaire didn't like so he could get killed. This is wear Bella and Alice decided to stop Edward. Jacob tries to convince Bella to stay, but Bella cannot. She must rescue Edward. Bella arrives barely stopping Edward. At first, he believes he's dead, until other vampires come and confront Edward. (you'll understand if you read the book) They are forced to go to the Castle to talk to Aro, the master. ( won't explain much because it's too much. Haha.) They end up leaving alive with Alice's promise to Aro to change Bella into immortal. Once they fly back, Bella is afraid Edward will leave her again. She tries to stay awake on the way home but she is to tired and eventually falls asleep. Edward brings her home, Charlie is furious. He tells Charlie he will just put her upstairs and leave, but Bella can hear and she panickes. Edward tells her he wont be far. When she awakes, she thinks she is dreaming that Edward is by her side. Edward tells her the truth on why he left. And tells her that he lied. He tells her he loves her. She is not convinced she is not dreaming. So then, they talk for awhile until Bella wants to go to his house and take a vote for immortality. Edward clenches, but takes her anyway. She explains to the Cullen family about the whole thing of becoming a vampire and also Aro's threat to come find Bella and kill her if she isn't immortal. Edward explains how he can get her out of that but the vote goes on. Everyone votes yes besides Edward and Rosalie. Rosalie said sorry to Bella on the way home from Voltaire and all is forgiven. (I forgot to mention) But Rosalie tells Bella that she says no to Bella becoming a vampire not because she doesn't want Bella as a sister, it's because she never thought of her life as becoming a vampire and she wishes someone said No for her before she was turned. Edward gets upset that the vote is 5 to 2. Bella remembers Alice's promise on the way to Voltaire that Alice will change Bella herself. She mentions this and Alice panickes. She is afraid that she isn't ready. She might end up killing Bella. She then turns to Carlisle and he shall do it. Edward is panicking, telling her she can't do it now because of Charlie and Renee(Bella's parents). They talk, and decide after graduation when Bella moves out, then Carlisle can do the transformation. But of course, the issue is not dropped until Edward asked Bella, "if she could have anything in the world, anything at all, what would it be?" She told Edward that she would want instead of Carlisle, it will be him to change her. He then asked her what she would be willing to trade for it and she said anything. He then mentioned 5 years and she said no. Then 3, still a no. Bella then suggested 6 months and he said that it wasn't enough. She then told him that 1 year was her limit and he asked why she couldn't give him 2. She told him that she'll be 19, but not 20 since he's still in his teens. So then he told her to forget the time limit, but do it for one condition. The condition was to marry him first. At first she thought he wasn't serious, but she understands. She doesn't directly say yes, but I think we all know the answer. After awhile, she and Jacob become distant having the Cullens back in town. Bella loves Edward, but she still wants to keep her friendship with Jacob. What a difficult thing to do. She is now grounded, unable to leave the house unless for school or work. But Edward is allowed at certain a certain with Charlie around, but of course, when Charlie is asleep, he sneaks through her window and stays.
Basically, this book is mostly about Bella and Jacob's friendship and how he woke her up from her depression. But in the end, she still went back to Edward. After all, he's all she wants.

Yup, that's basically the whole story. I started Eclipse today, which is the sequel to New Moon. Basically the continuation of Bella, Edward and Jacob with the rest. So far so good. But the conflict between vampire and werewolf is rising.

I finally watched Twilight in theaters on Tuesday. I was so excited when Calvin suggest we watch in music class. I was so anxious. I never felt that excited in sooo long. Anyway, the movie is the same as the book but not entirely. I mean the significant parts are there, but because the book is only on one perspective (Bella's) it's hard to describe in words since a lot of what Bella feels is in her head. The book is way more intense and passionate. But the movie is great too. Not as good as the book, but it was still the best. I loved it and I would watch it again and again! I can' wait until New Moon comes. So exciting. Hah. I love Robert Pattinson. (He plays Edward) I thought he wasn't all that great, but boy was I wrong. He totally embraced Edward's character. it's crazy. But yeah, I don't want tospoil it. I'm going to do my Math hw and then read.

With me and Calvin, I don't want to discuss our relationship stuff in public, so then I'll just say we have our days. But we'll get through it. Right?

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