November 28, 2011

Monday Current Read #1

Happy Monday everyone! Because it's the first day of the week, I thought I should post up my current read every Monday, starting today*. I'll tell you what I'm reading at this very moment, what it's about and how I'm enjoying it so far (or not).

I am currently reading The Maze Runner by James Dashner.
This is actually the second time I've read this book. I plan on reading all three books in the trilogy straight through with reviews for each book. That way, when I finally read the last book: The Death Cure, my mind has been refreshed from the long awaited year.

In The Maze Runner, Thomas wakes up in a darkened elevator type of machinery. He has no recollection of his past life besides his own name and he has no idea where the elevator is taking him up to. When he finally reaches the top and the doors open, he is surrounded by a bunch of other kids. Some younger and some older than him. The kids call themselves the Gladers who live in what they call The Glade. They are surrounded by an unsolvable, ever-changing Maze with scary, slimy beasts on the rampage.
The Gladers expected Thomas to come but they did not expect the chain of events that occur after his arrival. The Gladers can't help but think Thomas' arrival was no coincidence to these events. And Thomas can't help feeling like he has answers to their freedom, if only he can access his memories. Nevertheless, The Gladers, including Thomas, are very much determined to solve the Maze so they can finally go home. If a home for them even exists.

Although I know exactly what happens at the end of this book, I'm still enjoying the reread. It's been awhile since I've visited these characters and it's nice to get back into their world. The main character in this book is most definitely Thomas. I like Thomas. He has a strong voice, but my favorite character is a fellow Glader: Minho. He's very smart, funny, quirky and pretty much badass. What I like most about this book is the fact that we don't know much about the Gladers because they themselves don't either. There is that air of mystery and suspense that I love. Even with how and why the Gladers are even in the Glade to begin with. I've always questioned why are they there? and why them? What is so special about these kids to have them be put into such undesirable, unpleasant circumstances?
Also, I must say that this book was an easy read then and it still is now. Probably more so. I'm almost half-way through the book already. James Dashner hasn't failed to suck me into the story a second time.
I'm hoping to finish this book tomorrow, if time permits.

If you have time, check out The Maze Runner if you haven't already done so. (click the link above)
Now that I've told you my current read, what's yours? Did you enjoy it (or not)?

*If I'm still reading the same book the following Monday, no post will be made.

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  1. I love reading unique and original stories! And that is exactly how I would describe Maze Runner. I do not know why this book was written for kids. The story was pretty creepy and kind of sent a hopeless message. Plus there was multiple murders and plenty of violence. I will be reading the sequel.


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