December 7, 2011

Going Dark (sort of)

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I was supposed to post up my Waiting on Wednesday today, but unfortunately finals have officially begun. I'll be studying like there is no tomorrow until my last final next week, Tuesday. I'll come back with my WoW since I'll need that Tuesday night to recover one hell of a week. I also apologize for the lack of posts last week as I haven't decided what to post what on certain days. I'm just posting as I go. As a note, I won't have a review this weekend. Possibly not even next week either depending on how much I'm able to read and finish by then. I'm compensating by reading two books at once! I've never done that before. Hopefully all will work out. Also, I will post my IMM this week, but other than that I will be MIA. I've already had my post planned out so I might as well just schedule for it to go up! I wanted to schedule my posts for the rest of this week that way I don't have to worry about 'Going Dark.' However, my planning skills totally failed me and my professors moved up finals, screwing up everything. For now, I must tend to my education and try to pass these exams. I won't be completely dark. I'll be on Twitter, but my tweets have been (and will be) lacking because of said finals. I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your week and take care always. Until next Wednesday everyone!

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I will announce the winner of my The Pledge Swag Giveaway on the 10th. I'll mail it right after finals (hopefully).

Wish me luck on my finals! I'll need it for sure.

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