February 28, 2012

Teaser Tuesday #9

Teaser Tuesday is weekly meme hosted by MizB from Should Be Reading.

My teaser for this week...

Expected Publication: March 13, 2012

"The marshal was approaching. Had he spotted us? He crouched and edged closer, his gun drawn. My heartbeat echoed in my ears. I gripped Michael's shirt and pressed my cheek to his shoulder
The marshal's hand groped through the leaves in front of my face. He was so close I could smell the oily scent of his gloves. I held my breath. "

*Received from Netgalley, courtesy of Random House


  1. That cover is so chilling and creepy! Great Teasers! I'm going to have to check this one out when it's released! It looks and sounds really interesting. Are you liking it so far?

    1. I completely agree! Totally creepy and chilling! Thanks so much Bailey! I'm reading this right now and I'm enjoy it <3

  2. Your teaser grabbed me, and so did the book's cover. I'm going to look for this for my Kindle.
    Here's my teaser: Sandy's Teaser

    1. Thank you! Yes, please do so. It's very good so far. It's on Netgalley if you're a member!

  3. Great teaser! I haven't seen this one before.

    Here's ours:


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