February 20, 2012

Temporary Leave of Absence

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Hey Everyone!

The title of this blog is correct. I'm sad to say that I must take a temporary leave of absence, a hiatus if you will, for FIVE DAYS possibly six. It's not anything serious, so there's no need to worry or panic.

School started a month ago and so far everything was running smoothly. But these past few weeks, I've been finding myself getting drowned more and more with assignments and upcoming exams and papers. This week is no different. I have three exams for three different classes and a paper due at the end of the week. It doesn't sound like much, but I hate how it's back to back to back. I need this week to focus on getting through the work and get this week past me. Because of the unfortunate events of my school life, I wont have any posts scheduled up for this week at all. That means no memes, no cover reveals, no reviews, no NOTHING. This makes me really sad because I've tried so hard to juggle my school life with my blogging life as easily as I could and I thought I was doing such a great job until now. 

My Apologies in Advance.
I want to say sorry to everyone and anyone who supports my blog. You guys have been amazing, supporting me through all this. I hope I haven't disappointed you guys in any way. I hope you guys understand, and I'm sure you do, that I need this week to just focus. I cannot promise you that this will not happen again in the future, but I'll try my best to schedule my time better so that I do have posts up even if and when I am gone. 

The Plan.
My hiatus will only be for six days, max, starting today. I'll use my last day of absence to catch up on any reading that I haven't finished already and to write reviews. If anything should go wrong, I will let you guys know. I plan to come back with a post on Sunday (2/26) for my IMM post if I get anything while I'm away studying my brains out. If I get nothing, I will post something else in its place. That I promise.

What's to Come.
Even with my absence, I already planned the Cover Reveal for The Vincent Brothers by Abbi Glines. That will definitely go up on the 25th. I cannot deprive you guys of the awesomeness of it. Also, when I come back I will be posting, what I feel is my best review, for Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. I've also realized that because school will be colliding with my blog life, I'll probably be reading all my review books once I get back so I don't have to worry that I won't have my review up in time. This means I'll have to set aside my TBR pile once again. *sobs*

See You Later.
I'm hoping that I get through this week with grace and pass all my exams. A week seems like forever to me. I've been blogging for a very very short time and I'm already in love with it. I'm in love with the community and all the bloggers a part of it and of course, ALL OF YOU! I will miss you guys terribly so. Thanks again for all your understanding and support. I'm hoping to get 100 followers soon so I can hold a giveaway for you guys, but alas, we're still at 78. No worries though. I'll get there and we can celebrate like there is no tomorrow. lol. Wish me luck, everyone! I'll see you guys next week! 

I may be taking a leave on my blog, but I will be popping up on Twitter every so often (maybe more than I should), so make sure to follow me: @xjessirae. There, I'll still talk books and possible update on how I'm doing in school so far. If you need to contact me in anyway or form, please feel free to shoot me an email: xjessirae(at)gmail(dot)com. I will reply to you as soon as I can. :)


  1. Good luck on your exams Jessirae! :)

  2. I know what you're talking about, I had exams at the end of January and that was pretty hard, too. But don't worry, we'll all be waiting for you to show up again. Good luck with your exams! :)

  3. Good luck Jessirae with your exams :) Glad to know you'll still be on Twitter, what would I do without my RT's from you lol! :D <3


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