April 9, 2012


One blogger I have met during my new journey into being a blogger myself, is Claire from Claire Reads!
She's celebrating her 250 Follower Milestone with a giveaway! 

This giveaway has been going on for awhile, and each time Claire hit another additional 50 followers, she added another winner. It went from ONE winner at 250 followers to SEVEN at 550 followers! It's amazing, right? Claire totally deserves it because she's an awesome blogger and she's just an awesome person overall.

Now that she's down to the last 7 Days for her giveaway, I thought I'd help spread the word with this blog post. She's not adding anymore winners, Seven is the max, but it'd be nice to spread the word and keep the love going yeah?

SO! Head on over to Claire's 250 Giveaway and enter her giveaway before it's too late!! 
You get to choice your ONE out of FOUR PRIZE PACKS containing THREE BOOKS! 
I don't want to tell you the titles of those books, just know they are some amazing ones and highly coveted by many

To enter her giveaway you can either click Claire's 250 Follower button above, the link above this paragraph or I can just give it to you here:

Leave Claire some comment love, be a follower if you really want, and explore her super amazing blog!
Have Fun and GOODLUCK!

*This post is not affiliated to Claire's Giveaway. You must enter Claire's giveaway through the links above. Any entries here does not count. Fill out the Rafflecopter and follow all rules provided by Claire!

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