May 17, 2012

#EthansLegion: ReVamped Relay Update

Hi #EthansLegion members! Ren and I are super thrilled and excited to have all of you on board for the ReVamped Relay! I'm sure we're all going to have such a fun and fabulous time reading and discussing ReVamped! I really loved ReVamped and I hope each and every one of you do too! 

I'm giving you guys this update because I finally got the copy of ReVamped that we're going to pass along with 20 or so bookplates that have been signed by Ada Adams, herself! 

Each member, as of today, will receive a signed bookplate! The line up for the book to be passed along will go like this (list is subject to change):
  1. Gianna B.
  2. Yarethzia P.
  3. Mickey R. 
  4. Bridget H.
  5. Racquel N.
  6. Jessica B.
  7. Amanda Marie
  8. April A. 
  9. Geri M.
  10. Bailey P.
  11. Jill K. 

So far that is the line up. I'm waiting for Ada's go before I ship the book to Gianna. Once I get the go ahead, I will contact each and everyone of you via email letting you know the relay has officially begun. 

Remember, this is a relay and we're trying to get the book to each and every one of you while still gaining more readers and spreading the book across the country. I don't know how fast you guys read or if you have time in your schedules (since things happen, right?) so I do not want to force you guys to read the book in a day or whatever. I want you to take your time. No matter what, each and every one of you will get a chance to read the book whether it be this round of the relay or the next.

When receiving the book, please contact me or Ren via
Twitter: @xjessirae or @rensrambles 
or Email us at with #EthansLegion as the subject line.

Also, you may write a message within the book as long as you do not write it on actual print of the book and as long as it is not inappropriate. I encourage you to write your thoughts or messages to Ada or to the following team members and readers who will see it. I will be writing a message as well  :) <3

Once you finish reading ReVamped, please fill out this FORM. 
Make sure you have posted your review on either your Blog/Twitter/Facebook/Amazon/B&N/Goodreads account. Just one link is needed.

Just in case you guys read like lightning, we may finish early, right? Thats why I wish for you guys to pass the book within your hometown/state that way we get more readers (and points) added. I've said this before: the reader does not need to be a book blogger, just a a dedicated reader so you can definitely pass the book to your mom, dad, sister, brother, cousin, and friends. You are responsible for  letting them know the rules after reading ReVamped and how they must post their review. If the person you pass the book to doesn't have a means of posting a review, you must post the review for them in order for their points to count for our team.

To Do This:
All you have to do is get their review/opinion and email the following information to
Your Name, Name of Person You Passed the Book to, Their Location (city&state),  Their Review provided by You. 
(Ex: Ren W., Jessirae L., San Diego, CA,  Review or Review Link).
If you do not wish to post the person's review on your accounts, Ren or I will post the review on Twitter so the points will count for our team.

If your family member/friend or whoever would like signed bookplate, please email me (same email address above) with the address on where to send it, whether it's yours or theirs. 

I ask of you guys to please keep track of the book if you are passing it to a family member/friend or other. You will be responsible for passing the book along after them to a Team Member listed above. We are all on an honor code, so please please please pass the book along. It is a privilege for us to be able to read ReVamped in this manner :)

Ren and I truly thank you for joining us during the ReVamped Relay! We hope you have a fun time and enjoy the book. Also, we hope during this relay you get a chance to connect with us and other team members! 

I'll be emailing a link to this post along with the direct link to the #EthansLegion Check In Form so you don't need to find this post later when the ReVamped Relay has begun. 


  1. Sounds awesome! Can't wait to read it! :)

  2. Woot! So excited! Can't wait for this to start! :)


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