May 7, 2012

Finals Week Hiatus!

Hey guys!

I completely procrastinated when it came to school this semester and well, today is the start of Finals Week! *cue ughhhhs*

Yes, I have been dreading this time of the semester for the longest time and now that it is here, I am so under prepared. It didn't even hit me that it was finals week until last Friday when I realized I had so much to study for in such a little time. So.. because I'm terrible and didn't think this thing through, for this week, I will not be posting anything with the exception of a review on Tuesday and a blog tour post on Friday! Those are the only posts that will go up while I beat my head against the desk for not studying sooner!

I do apologize for such a late notice, but I really do care about my education, like a good student should, LOL, so I will handle my business and by the end of Friday, I'll be planning more blog tours, and interviews and giveaways galore since it's summer time! Plus, I'll have more time to read and write reviews! That's awesome, yes? :)

I will still be on Twitter because I am a twitter addict and I cannot help myself. I'll be participating and helping my fellow #DaemonInvasion team mates under our team name hashtag: #DaemonsDreamTeam. :) I'll also be updating my progress on my studying and how the exams are going on twitter as well!

Again, I am sorry! I hope you continue to stick around while I am gone for the week! I'll be studying like a madwoman and trying my hardest to get through these final exams that I'll be having back to back. Bare with me and I promise the summer will bring lots of awesomeness for Words, Pages, and Books! <33

Have a great week everyone! If you're having finals too, GOODLUCK! I'll see you guys at the end of the week and/or around twitter! :D


  1. Haha love the Little Rascals gif! Good luck on your exams Jessirae! :D

  2. Good luck! I'll be keeping Ethan (fairly) safe for you while you're gone. xox

  3. Hope you kick butt on your finals, Jessirae. It's good to take short breaks but they're tough to keep short in the blogoverse! Thank you for the Twitter follow and I like your blog.


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