July 6, 2012

ReAwakened by Ada Adams Blog Tour Sign-Up!

Hi everyone! 
Now that the cover for ReAwakened has been revealed, I promised a sign-up for the blog tour!

The ReAwakened Blog Tour will be hosted and organized by yours truly and my good friend and fellow #TeamMisfits member, Tiffany @ Escaping One Book at a Time
(Any #TeamMisfits member is welcome to help! Let me know!)

For this blog tour, Tiffany and I encourage different types of posts like:
Reviews, Author Interviews, Character Interviews, Guest Posts, and Giveaways but you're more than welcome to come up with any other type of post that you choose such as a letter to your favorite character or have a playlist for the book or even your own dream cast!
 Whatever you choose, Tiff and I are open.

So if you've read and loved ReVamped, love Ada Adams, love Dawn, Sebastian, Ethan and the Misfits, if you love me for christ sakes LOL, then why not join in the tour! Or maybe you just want to be a part of the awesomeness, go and sign up in the linky below! 

I'll take bloggers who want to participate for about a month or two and once Tiff and I discuss and decide on all the details for the tour, we'll proceed with what type of stops you all want :)

ALSO, I'm looking for someone who can make a banner and button for this blog tour as I am sooo not good with stuff like that, so if you're willing please please please let me know <33 I'd love you forever. 


  1. Blog tours feel like so much fun! Although...even if I'd like to join, I'd be quite useless since I haven't read this series yet. (Gasp!) So I'll just content myself with reading fabulous posts that make me want to tear my hair out with need for this book. <3

  2. Aw, if only I read the first book, I'd love to do this tour! :)


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