September 29, 2012

Book Buzzers Week 1

Hey lovelies!
I was invited to join a vlogging team called The Book Buzzers where each week we have a different book related topic that all 7 of us will be posting a vlog on. My vlog will go up every Saturday, so be sure,  check my videos out but also watch the other vlogs from the rest of the team too because they are awesomesauce. :) 

This week's topic:
5 books on our bookshelf that we couldn't wait for, but never got around to reading in the end! 

*I know it's really soft so please turn up the volume! x)
I'm still horrible at recording and editing and all the vlogging like.

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  1. OMG you are so cute!! You do awesome vlogs!! Legend was amazing btw!! I haven't read Sweet Evil either, but I joined the read-along that starts Monday. You should too!! Here's the link to Magical Urban Fantasty Reads where the read-along is being hosted. Ahhh Pandemonium is killer. I kind of expected the ending, but I didn't expect to feel the way I did by the time it ended. And dude! Why wasn't I following your blog? It's fabulous!!

  2. Awesome Vlog!! I haven't read any of those books either. I'm so behind on the Iron Fey series. I've only read the first book. :P Love all the books you picked. All ones I've been dying to finally read. I really want to start Lauren Oliver's series soon. Hopefully in the next few weeks if I have enough time. :)

  3. Great vlog! Congrats on meeting Marie Lu! :) Legend is such a good book!

    Crazy Red Pen

  4. Sweet Evil is SOOOO good, I loved that book. Kaiden *swoooon* And I agree with Amy the ending of Pandemonium had me wanting to throw my book across the room, and I probably would have had I not read the ebook version. Throwing the Kindle is never good. Great video Jessirae you are too cute! So fun to watch.

  5. I really want to read Sweet Evil :) Also, I loved Legend and the Iron Fey series sounds great! Awesome vlog!

  6. Ooh girl! Quite a few of those books are dystopians--are you not feeling that genre as much just like me? Lol, I can't get into those for some reason. Every time I read a synopsis for a dystopian book, I always wanna read it and when I start seeing everyone talking about it, it just makes me wanna read it that much more but when I read the first few chapters, it just all goes downhill...and then I feel like the oddball for not liking such a widely...praised book.

    Anyway, I digress. I feel you about Pandemonium. That's one of the few dystopians that I've read where I actually like, like, love! Delirium was so sweet and sad and a major tear-jerker but just wait until you get to the end of Pandemonium. I mean, everyone says that but for all seriousness, just wait until you get to *the* very last page! ;)

    And oh my gosh, I need to read Sweet Evil too! I have it, like sitting right there, staring at me but...but...well, I don't really know why. I just haven't gotten to it yet, hahahah!

    P.S. You are so effing adorbs!(: I loved your video and I'll most likely be coming back for more! Eew, was that totally kinda creepy-ish? Meh, oh wells.

  7. Okay so I found your video and blog because I follow Evie. And I'm am now addicted to Book Buzzers!!!

  8. Sorry it only lets me write so much. But I'm going to follow your blog please follow back. Thanks.

  9. Heres mine.


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