October 6, 2012

Book Buzzers Week 2

Hey everyone! Back for week 2 of Book Buzzers :) This time around, Justin from Justin's Book Blog picked the topic. It was a toughy, but I had fun going through my bookshelf!

This week's topic:
5 Favorite YA Book Covers

Check out these amazing bloggers on the team:

Let me know what are your favorite YA book covers below!
Don't forget to check out everyone else's videos too :)
See you next week xx.


  1. I loved the Across the Universe cover too! Great picks, I'm definitely going to be checking some of these books out because the covers are so nice. :D

  2. Love all the covers you picked out! I agree I love the new cover for Nightshade. I thought the original was gorgeous but the one with her forming into a wolf is just to awesome not to buy! I don't understand why they changed The Across The Universe covers. They are just....not so good now. :(

  3. My girly side has a thing for The Selection's cover. I really love the cover for its sequel too. ;) Unspoken's cover has grown on me! I wasn't too keen at first. Great picks.


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