December 23, 2012

Book Buzzers #13 Why did I start blogging?

iMovie meltdown.
I was *supposed* to have a Book Buzzers video up for this week, but stupid iMovie was being a complete biatch to me. After recording an agonizing 20 minute STS video and major editing to bring it down to the mere 11 minutes, I finally was able to stop and attempt to record another video, my Book Buzzers one. Well low and behold, iMovie decided to A) Freeze and B) F up the audio. I tried. And tried again and again and again to do it over. I was so ready to toss my laptop across my room, stomp on it and give it the fiery death it deserves that I basically just yelled..
and dropped the whole darn thing all together. For the life of me, I couldn't do it. It was that point where it was almost 5 am, I was tired, had little to no sleep, haven't done diddley shit and wasted hours that I was on the verge of some meltdown. When you're having a meltdown you just STOP, DROP, and RELAX. So hence this post will replace the video that should have occupied its place. Forgive me, dear iMovie, but if you do this to me again we are SO breaking up. 


This week's topic:
Why We Started Blogging?

Thanks to the lovely Emily @ Doodle's Book Blog for this wonderful topic!

Why did I, Jessirae, start blogging in the first place?

I think even as a young girl, I liked to read. More than the average kid, but still not an avid reader. But who hadn't been reading Dr. Seuss books at that age, right? lol. Anyway, I've always liked reading but it wasn't until I graduated high school where I really found the passion for it. (Mostly because high school required reading sucked asdfghjkl). I went from Literature Fiction and graduated to Young Adult in just a few weeks and since then I've been reading non-stop. My love for reading and books grows steadily each and every day. If I didn't love or have passion for books so much, I don't think I would have even bothered with a blog. 

2. Loneliness and sharing.
I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem, but I'm the only one in my family and in my group of friends who loveslovesloves to read; who enjoys books. I needed an outlet, something, anything, some sort of place or group I could belong with. When I found the book blogging community, I felt like I was at home even before I started. It just seemed natural to me, the burning want, need, and desire to start my blog not only for the loneliness and alienation I felt, but also because I wanted to share this love with other people. I couldn't do it at home. What better way than to do it with people online who love books just as much (maybe even more) as me? Even if no one really read my blog or what I had to say, at least I was able to let my feelings out through my blog, through my reviews. It's safe to say that it was love at first blog. 

3. Christina Reads YA. 

I met Christina through Twitter, before I got my blog going, when I asked her a question about receiving the new dust jacket for Andrea Cremer's Nightshade. She had gotten hers, I hadn't. I was bummed because I requested one and was worried/sad/afraid I wouldn't. It wasn't set in stone. (First 75 people, I believe). Well to make a long story short, I did get my dust jacket and told Christina and well.. the rest is history, sort of. I noticed that she had a blog, that she reviewed books. At this time I was following some blogs (never interacted with them on twitter), but was still iffy about joining in. I was (still am) a college student and heck, I was so busy I seriously doubted I could even start a blog. But Christina (though I'm sure she didn't know at the time or even intended on inspiring me) was a college student, with a blog. She could do it and I thought.. yes, maybe I could too! (Thanks Christina <3) 

1 2 3 Words, Pages, and Books was born, kind of.
I say kind of, because... SPOILER ALERT.. this blog was originally my personal blog. Yep, that's right. Somethingsomething daysmonthsyears (I don't even know) in the making too. When Christina became my reason #3 and that little big push I needed to start my blog, I converted/changed/ this personal blog My Circumstances into some other absurdly long title I can't remember to my book blog I now call Words, Pages, and Books. I was still clueless on what to do, how to proceed, but with the help of some bloggers I met along the way and my drive to keep going, you now have my small, but slightly cool-ish blog :)

It's tough, it's hard work, but so damn worth it! 
If I could go back and do it all over again, would I?

There's really one answer..

For the comments:
If you have a blog, why did you start it?
If you don't, do you want to? Why or why not?

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That's it for me this week! I hope I'll have a video up for you guys next time!
Thanks and toodles!


  1. Your post is very inspiring! I have a friend, Ria, and we are constantly in the phone talking about and recommending books! We are also pretty active on goodreads. We have decided to start a blog too and are calling it A Bookish Escape. Our story is similar to yours. We both have no idea what we are doing! However, we are determined to figure it out because we love books and sharing so much. Giselle from Xpresso Reads is going to design it for us and we are pretty excited. We started our Facebook page for A Bookish Escape and it's been really fun. I enjoy reading your blog and watching your blogs! I hope we become successful at this like you :)

  2. Love the gifs! :) So glad that you posted even though you didn't do a vlog. I have really enjoyed hearing why others started their blogs!!

  3. Great post! I am sorry that I didn't get to see your beautiful face but I understand the frustration thing. I know the need to share feeling and think this is an amazing post!!


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