January 5, 2013

Stacking the Shelves #23

Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga's Reviews where you can share books obtained via the bookstore, the library, online, through trade, borrowed from friends, gifted and/or received for review that you're adding to your shelf.

Books Mentioned:
On Dublin Street by Samantha Young
34 Pieces of You by Carmen Rodrigues
Apollyon by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Wait for Me by Elisabeth Naughton
Perfect for You by Kate Perry
Crush by Lacy Weatherford
Down for the Count by Christine Bell
Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker
My Misery Muse by Brei Betzold
Bad Rep by A. Meredith Walters
Stealing Parker by Miranda Kenneally

Bloggers Mentioned:
Vi @ Confessions of a Vi3tbabe
Justin @ Justin's Book Blog
Ishita @ The Reading Fish

Special thanks to:
Spencer Hill Press

And what books did you get!?


  1. Stealing Parker looks so good! Enjoy all your books :)

    New email follower - Sugar & Snark

  2. I got Stealing Parker a little while ago but I haven't really had a change to read it yet. Enjoy all your books!

  3. My computer is having a bad so I had to watch the video without sound :/ I love Spencer Hill Press, and I have a ton of swag from them. Looking forward to PODs! On Dublin Street and 34 Pieces Of You are on my wishlist as well.

    Happy reading :)
    Ivana @ Willing to See Less

  4. What a big haul! The only book I know is Apollyon. I should really widen my reading horizons! And I giggled at the name Kate Perry. So close! =))

    Happy Reading :D

    @ A Discombobulated Balladry

  5. I was just telling someone else that I really need to read Miranda Kenneally! I have had Catching Jordan on my Kindle forever and just haven't gotten to it yet. Enjoy all your fun reads!! :)

  6. You're VERY welcome! Can't wait to hear what you think of ODS. So jelly you got Apollyon already. I wanted to get it before I left for DC, but sadly, no. I might have to go home one weekend and grab it real quick lol.

    Confessions of a Vi3tBabe
    Deity Island

  7. On Dublin Street was awesome. I really enjoyed it. Come visit me as well.


  8. I got Apollyon too :D It's my favorite cover too. I kind of want to read Ten Tiny Breaths too :) Awesome haul!

    My Haul!

  9. That's so nice that Vivian got u a copy of On Dublin Street, i still have to read it but it sounds great. 34 pieces looks so interesting and LOL that "dragon" tattoo looks like the chupacabra =P I won a guide from Mindee too and yeah i guess it would make sense to read the guide before the book. :O KINDLE BOOK!! Going to pick up Wait for Me & Down for the count! Ah those .99 Cent ebooks, I got Bad Rep this week too. LOL, I need to read Stealing Parker too but I have heard AWESOME things too!!

    -Great stack this week Jessirae & sorry 4 the long comment!! ^_^
    Lisseth @ Read-A-holicZ [My StS]

  10. Jessirae. Listen to me right now. You need. NEED. To pick up On Dublin Street. This second. Seriously. IT'S JUST.

    no words.

    MOVING ON. You seriously get the most awesome NA books every week, I get so jealous! That Amazon Recommendations thing is a TOTAL SUCKER. I agree with you, I spend literally HOURS just browsing it. But I always manage to restrain myself from getting books. :P I'm pretty interested in the Entangled series now too, I may have to check them out soon...

    Happy reading Jessirae!! :)

  11. YAYYY for On Dublin Street! I won the Goodreads giveaway for that book!I have yet to get it, but I expect it will be amazing, considering everything that people have been sayign. Plus I love her book "Slumber".

    Hope you enjoy all of your books! :)

    My Stacking the Shelves

  12. So much awesome! I recently picked up Stealing Parker and can't wait to read it. I need to check out On Dublin Street! Sounds interesting! Enjoy all your new pretties! Thanks for sharing and happy reading!

    Maryann | Chapter by Chapter
    Our STS

  13. Wow, what a huge haul of books! I really need to start reading Jennifer Armentrout's series!

    Enjoy reading.

    In My Mailbox

  14. What an awesome book haul!! Yay for Apollyon!!! *flails* I freaking ran around in circles when it came!!

  15. Ten Tiny Breaths and Hopeless! We both got those this week. Seriously, how good do they sound? I can't wait until I can fit them into my schedule, which probably won't be until next month, which sucks! But oh well. 34 Pieces of You sounds really good, yay for Justin! I think it sounds like a grown up Thirteen Reasons Why, and I loved that novel a lot. I hope you enjoy ALL the books!

  16. Stealing Parker is one of my favorites!!

    Kate @ Ex Libris

  17. ermagherd! You've gotten so many great books this week! I've got to start that JLA series soon. I saw one of the books at Barnes & Noble but I ended up not buying it. :P And Bad Rep sounds fantastic! I've been seeing it everywhere this week.

    Great haul!

    My StS

  18. OMG I so agree with Apollyon! It's the best cover out of all of them; I CANNOT STOP EYE RAPING THE COVER.


    Also, you got TONS of awesome books! I haven't read many of them, so I can't exactly lend you my "all knowing" book knowledge (which is virtually NOTHING, just so you know ;P)

    But YAY for gifts and buying things! :D


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