March 13, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday #37


Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill @ Breaking the Spine where you share an upcoming release that you're anticipating on reading.


Haven't done one of these in ages and I think it's time I come back and do them again! 

I'm very impatiently waiting on..

Second Chance Boyfriend by Monica Murphy
Expected Publication Date: April 9, 2013
Lost. That one single word best describes my life at this very moment. I lost the last games of the season and both my team and my coach blame me. I lost the last two months because I drowned in my own despair like a complete loser. And I lost the only girl who ever mattered because I was afraid being with me would destroy her.

But now I realize how truly lost I am without her. She has become my story…and even though she acts like she’s moved on, I know she still thinks about me just as much as I think about her. She’s beautiful, sweet—and so damn vulnerable, all I want to do is help her. Be there for her.

Love her…

If only I could convince Fable to give me a second chance. Then I wouldn’t feel so lost anymore, and neither would she. We could be found together.


Why April needs to hurry it up..

1. One Week Girlfriend's OMG *flails* ending..
The ending to the first book made me want to cry and pull my hair out because everything was sooo perfect and then.. BOOM. *furiously turns page* no more pages appear... *dies* Hence, I need Second Chance Boyfriend, like, years ago. 

2. More Fable
Loved this girl. She's perfect for Drew (although I think I'm much more suitable, we're not talking about me) and when she's around him they just BLAZE.. I want to get to know her more, please.

3. Drew, my love, my life, my eternal soul.
GIVE ME DREW OR GIVE ME WAR! For seriously. This boy is triple X sexxxy. His lines and his touch and his voice in my head... I can't and will never get enough of him. I need him more than I need Arizona Green Tea. 

4. Bringing sexy back
Bring on more of the backseat and rainfall make out sessions. Scenes where Fable wraps her legs around Drew, where Drew is inside of Fable... basically, I want my Drew + Fable sexy times. A girl cannot survive on rereading these certain scenes alone ;)

5. Adele
I've encountered many bitches in my lifetime and this specific one is goin' down! She's the bitch that needs to get cut, kicked, and put in her place. *mumbles grumbles curses*

To cut things short..
I'd give my goddamned trachea, right ventricle, and half of my pancreas 
to get my hands on Second Chance Boyfriend. 
How about you?


What are you waiting on?


  1. Loving that cover and this sounds like a great read! Awesome pick!

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

  2. I haven't read 'One Week Girlfriend' yet, but I'm going to and I'm going to read this book too. Because both of them sound really great!
    Thanks for sharing.
    My WOW


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