May 9, 2013



Yep, you read right! Today is the start of my finals week. 
*cue excessive groaning and sighing and cursing*

I totally need to step it up in school because this semester I've been having some serious senioritis, with a severe case of lack of motivation. Henceforth, I must study by butt off, yet again.

 I've already started the studying of hell, but this is my official notice of temporary leave of absence from the blog. My last final will end Tuesday around 6-7pm so no posts will go live. I know, I could have scheduled posts ahead of time, but honestly, I doubt I would have promoted them on twitter because of lack of proper time. No reviews or memes until Wednesday. I have one exception because of a prior commitment I made months ago and that is my blog tour stop for Chantress. That will go up on Monday, the 13th. 

So please excuse my sudden disappearance! I will be around twitter, tweeting from time to time. If it's finals week for you too, I wish you the best of luck and happy focus! See you on the other side ;)

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