June 12, 2013

No Strings Attached by Nicolette Day Promo + Giveaway

She wants one night. He wants her forever.

Hayden Summers just landed the job of a lifetime taking pictures for Time magazine, but she’s determined to leave with no regrets. The first thing on her list? Erase the memory of her cheating ex with a wild night of anonymous sex. The second? Figure out why her best friend, sexy bar owner Jace Jennings, stopped speaking to her the night she told him about the job.

Jace has a problem. Hayden isn’t just leaving the country, she’s risking her life—just when he’s realized he’s in love with her. When fate traps them in the storage room of his bar together, barely contained desire simmers to surface. In one last attempt to keep her, Jace offers Hayden the one thing she wants: a night of hot sex, no strings attached. But when the night is over, will Jace be able to let her go? And will Hayden leave with her heart intact?

“We should stop…talk about this,” she said, feeling something hot unravel low inside her. Why was she trying to give him a reason to stop? She didn’t want him to stop. Right now, all she wanted was to obliterate the space between them, consequences be damned.

Jace slid back a few inches and cupped her face in his hands, holding her so tenderly it seemed at complete odds with the intensity burning in his eyes. “Do you want me, Hayden?”
She could lie all she wanted, but her body was bound to give her away. Why couldn’t she let go? If she was going to for anyone, why not Jace?
Because you’ll fall in love with him all over again, and then he’ll walk away just like he said he would. Just like he does with every other girl who ends up in his bed.
Jace wasn’t some random stranger. He had a permanent place etched inside her heart. If this went badly, if she lost him, the pain it would cause would be irreparable. He hadn’t promised her anything here, other than tonight. In fact, he’d assured her it wouldn’t be anything more. This wasn’t about him being unable to resist her or being in love with her. This was Jace doing what he always did. Taking care of her, erasing the hurt she was feeling, no matter what the cost. It should have made this decision easy, but it didn’t. It just…hurt.  It had taken years to get over loving Jace when they were kids. Could she do it again?
“Hayden?” He slid his thumbs down her neck and rested them over her pulse that beat wildly with the force of her want. His touch burned a path that went bone deep, brushing her soul, awakening emotions she hadn’t allowed herself to feel for years. She didn’t think anymore. She let her body and heart take control, choosing to give herself over to this, to him, even if it was only once. Even if she walked away heartbroken in the end.
“Yes,” she said with bated breath. “I want you.”
“Then we’re done talking.”

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(Big thanks to Heather Riccio of Entangled)


  1. Ooo this sounds really good :) thanks for the giveaway.

  2. This book sounds awesome. Love the cover.

  3. I enjoyed the excerpt. I would love to read this book. I have added it to my book wish list.

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  4. Ohh after your review, and now that excerpt I need to read this one!!

  5. I cant wait to read this. Thank u for the giveaway.

  6. Thank you for the giveaway! I can't wait to read it! wendynjason04 at gmail dot com

  7. Love this cover! Can't wait to read this, thank you so much for the awesome giveaway!

  8. Ah! That excerpt. I'm off to buy it right now and then read your review. (:


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