July 5, 2013

REVIEW: Truly, Madly, Deadly by Hannah Jayne

Truly, Madly, Deadly by Hannah Jayne
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Publication Date: July 2, 2013
Source: Netgalley, 272 pages
Rating: 4/5 stars
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Sawyer Dodd has it all. She's a star track athlete, choir soloist, and A-student. And her boyfriend is the handsome all-star Kevin Anderson. But behind the medals, prom pictures, and perfect smiles, Sawyer finds herself trapped in a controlling, abusive relationship with Kevin. When he dies in a drunk-driving accident, Sawyer is secretly relieved. She's free. Until she opens her locker and finds a mysterious letter signed by "an admirer" and printed with two simple words: "You're welcome."

My Review
Truly, Madly, Deadly was a great suspenseful thriller. It followed a chilling murder mystery with the “I’ll do anything for you” creepy obsessed stalker. I thought this book had plenty of exciting moments that really stood out and kept me entertained. 

I really liked Sawyer despite her decision to keep quiet in the beginning about what was happening to her. She was a good friend to Chloe, a good daughter even when she was still adjusting with her new family arrangement, and because she stood up for herself when she couldn’t do so with Kevin when she was being picked on. Sawyer was relieved that her abusive boyfriend died in the car accident, but it didn’t mean that she wasn’t upset about his death. I think Sawyer was a sad girl trying to heal, but struggled with her conflicting feelings of guilt, relief, and shame. I felt bad for her knowing she couldn’t reach out to anyone about her true relationship with Kevin. I felt bad for Sawyer because when she finally felt the need to tell someone about what was going on, they either didn’t believe her or thought it was just a silly prank. It was very frustrating. 

I liked that this book totally made my head spin. The plot moves forward easily with even more creepy notes after the first one and with Sawyer feeling like someone is watching her. Her paranoia increases as more deaths and notes appear. I wanted to find out who Sawyer’s secret admirer was and I had to fight the urge to read ahead so I could find out sooner. As I read, I was always speculating, creating theories, rationalizing character’s actions and analyzing the things they said. I think subtle hints were dropped, but I didn’t really notice them until after the big reveal when I looked back. I found the whole story to be so engaging, I basically flew through this book.

I do have to make note that while Truly, Madly, Deadly had an amazing keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat build-up, the ending was so anti-climatic. I reached the climax and then all of a sudden it was literally the end. I don’t know if it’s because there wasn’t time for me to come down from the crazy events or what, but I thought the ending could have been better. I felt like there was some things that still needed more explanation. I just wanted more out of the ending. Also, the little romance in this book felt a little misplaced and deliberately written in so that things went a certain direction; it didn’t really feel natural.

Despite my annoyance with the end, Truly, Madly, Deadly was a gripping read. The suspense was nail-bitingly good and freakytastic. I think others who love a good mystery read will be entertained by Hannah Jayne’s novel just as much as I was.

*Thanks to Sourcebooks Fire for providing a copy for review.
I was no compensated for my opinion.

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