August 5, 2013

REVIEW: Playing the Part by Robin Covington

Playing the Part by Robin Covington (Playing Around #1)
Publisher: Entangled Brazen
Publication Date: June 10, 2013
Source: Netgalley* via publisher
Rating: 4/5 stars
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The harder they play…the harder they fall.

After publicly self-destructing over a heartbreak a year ago, bestselling romance writer Piper James is now making nice with her publisher by agreeing to teach Hollywood’s favorite action star how to act like he’s in love. Only playboy Mick Blackwell has no clue what love looks like.

When a seductive heat ignites between Piper and Mick, she jumps at the chance for a bit of fun between the sheets, but with two stipulatons: she¹s kept out of the public eye and things end when she returns to New York. Only Mick keeps changing the rules on her. Tempted by America’s favorite bad boy, Piper is wondering how far she’s willing to bend…

My Review
Playing the Part was such a charming, passionate and romantic story. I was pretty much hooked the moment Piper mentioned she wanted to “mentally bitch-slap her inner whiner.” Putting a smile on my face very early on in the book, I was freaking sold on Robin Covington’s writing.

Main female protagonist Piper James was my spunky, classy, confident New York Times Bestseller, I want to be her freaking friend of my dreams! She could totally keep spouting out her inner monologues of melodrama any time because it was funny. I liked that Piper was apparently flawed, learning from her past mistakes and trying to move on. She had enough energy and pizzazz to go around. Piper had the perfect mix of playful attitude and naughty girl sex appeal going on. She really took a chance on Mick, encouraged him, believed in him, and didn’t take his crap for even a second. She was always dishing it right back and even in her weakest moments, I still found her to be brave and strong. She had a lot of patience and understanding that I admired a lot. She was just so comfortable in her skin and anyone who had the balls to go after their cheating ex is on top of my girls who kick ass list. 

I couldn’t think of a better hero to pair with Piper James other than the man named the most sexiest in America, Mick Blackwell. He was an arrogant, smooth as a baby’s bottom playboy who doesn’t do relationships and love, but tells his ladies straight up how it is. I loved that he was passionate and gave importance to his acting career. Though he loved being in the spotlight with all the attention, Mick wanted to prove that he could be more than an action star. It wasn’t just fame and fortune, but his serious devotion to acting. I really admired that out of Mick. He was a great guy who was sexy, but tender and gentle too. 

The writing in Playing the Part was solid with an amazing flow. Covington’s characters really come off the page as well. I thought the sex scenes were hot, but I loved even more how the relationship between Piper and Mick was deeper, more dominant despite it starting off as sex only. I loved the aspects of two different forms of entertainment coming together and how their world collided. I also enjoyed the drama and craziness that came along with Mick’s fame. Covington excellently portrayed how easily privacy can be violated in that type of job. I also found Playing the Part to be a lot more romantic because of Mick and Piper and the gestures one another made to make their relationship work. 

Overall, I enjoyed reading Playing the Part. It was a great romantic love story that definitely kept me entertained until the end. 

*Thanks to Entangled for sending a copy for review purposes
I was not compensated for my opinion

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