February 6, 2014

REVIEW: Masquerade by Nyrae Dawn

Masquerade by Nyrae Dawn (Games #3)
Publisher: Forever
Publication Date: January 7, 2013
Source: Netgalley via publisher
Rating: 5/5 stars
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A biker. A tattoo artist. A love to last a lifetime.

Maddox Cross has always had to be tough. When his father went to jail for murder, the teenager took care of his sister and mother. Now on his own and working security at a night club, Maddox wants to become a tattoo artist-a dream that comes closer to reality when he falls for the hottest, most tatted woman he's ever seen. She's wild and beautiful, and Maddox will do anything to be with her.

Bee Malone came to town to open up her new tattoo parlor, Masquerade. Since being kidnapped as a young girl, Bee has had trouble getting close to anyone. But when she meets Maddox, she sees that under his hard biker's body is the sensitive soul of an artist. What starts out as a sizzling one-night stand soon becomes so much more.

Bee wants Maddox to join her tattoo business, but letting him into her life means revealing all her most intimate secrets. And as the past begins to intertwine with her present, Bee fears their love may not be as permanent as their ink . . . 

My thoughts, feeling, and reactions
I swear each book that Nyrae Dawn comes out with just gets better and better. Masquerade has to be the best yet! Masquerade was just gripping, so emotional, and absolutely heart wrenching. 

Let me talk about Bee
I loved her for many many reasons. This girl was downright tough and outspoken. She was determined to live her life the way she wanted to and be exactly who she wanted to be. And while she seemed like this hard, brave girl she was not without pain and guilt. She struggled with wanting to be someone for herself, but also the daughter she thought that her parents loved and deserved. The guilt she felt at being torn in two, how she was just so closed off and didn’t know how to love made me want to just love her even more. I admired her strength and all the ways she endured even if it took her sometime to get where she needed to be. 

Now Maddox.

He was this hard-shelled, angry and guilt-ridden man that refused to forgive himself and let people in. Not matter what he said, I thought he was a good brother for Laney. It was so heartbreaking to see how much misplaced guilt he had on his shoulders for what happened in the past. And to see him finally break down all those walls and let go all the hurt was beautiful and freeing. Even though Maddox could be a complete jerk, the things he wanted in life for himself, for his sister and for Bee made him extraordinary. He may have been wrapped up in that guilt, but had an amazing heart through and through. And I have to mention Maddox was extremely sexy!

More than one glimpse.

I have to bow down and possibly tackle hug Nyrae for including Laney, Adrian, Colt, and Cheyenne into this one. They weren’t the stars in the book, but to see how they were and where they were going made me want to ball my eyes out in happiness. I was thrilled each time they were mentioned and I was even more taken by how these four wormed their way into Maddox and Bee’s life. 

The full story.

While all three books in the Games series have been about overcoming obstacles, opening up to loving someone, and dealing with broken people who thought they couldn’t be fixed, Masquerade kicks it up a notch. I thought out of all the books, this one stood out because of Maddox and Bee’s story, how they didn’t even realize they needed each other and how they just ended up loving one another when they thought they never could. I think Masquerade stood out from the rest, especially because of Bee. She was so different from Cheyenne and Laney, yet she was just as lost as they were. I just thought her story touched me even more so. Maddox and Bee’s love unfolded beautifully and to see them finally admit their feelings made me wish I was actually there to witness it in person.

Overall, Masquerade was stunning. The ending was perfect, the whole book was memorable, and the characters were just heartwarming. It’s one of those books that will rock your world and give you every feel possible. 
*Thanks to Forever for sending a copy for review. 
I was not compensated for my opinion.

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