February 19, 2014

REVIEW: Temporarily Yours by Diane Alberts

Temporarily Yours by Diane Alberts (Shillings Agency #1)
Publisher: Entangled Brazen
Publication Date: February 3, 2014
Source: eARC via publisher
Rating: 4.5/5 stars
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This marine's the perfect hoax…if she doesn’t fall for him first.

Stats whiz Kayla Moriarity knows her way around numbers and algorithms. Men, on the other hand, are unsolvable equations. Now Kayla’s en route to her sister’s wedding—alone and without the fictional boyfriend she invented for her family. Fortunately, her plane comes complete with complimentary cocktails and a ridiculously hot ex-marine in the seat beside her. And that’s all it takes for Kayla’s inhibitions to go sailing out the airlock...

Cooper Shillings has soft spot for people in trouble, but he certainly wasn’t expecting to land in it himself—and definitely not while getting naughty mid-air with a sexy southern belle. When he hears Kayla’s predicament, however, he offers his services as a stand-in boyfriend. After all, he’s heading overseas soon...and how could he refuse a little no-strings wickedness?

It’s the perfect plan. And all Kayla has to do is ensure her family falls for the ultimate bluff, without falling for it—and Cooper—in the process...

My thoughts, feelings, and reactions
I’m a big fan of faking it until it’s real love relationship-y books and Temporarily Yours was no exception. In fact, I thought it was a super cute, super heart warming, super hot hot hot one at that. 

Kayla and Cooper were the best match! I absolutely loved them together from the time they met, to their first kiss and fight, until the very end. Kayla was smart, a loving daughter, and quirky. She was different with her fear of flying, her babbling, and how she spurted out statistics. Cooper was honorable, helpful, and such a sweetheart. I loved how right off the bat he had some vulnerability and endearing qualities. Both of them were flirty and sexy and had the best chemistry. I also thought that these two really worked because both had personal issues to deal with and together they brought that forward and made each other stronger. 

What I really loved about Temporarily Yours was being able to watch these two fall for each other and seeing the exact moment when they realized it. They opened up to each other and let all the feelings out there, even though they tried to deny to themselves. This really got to me in such a mushy gushy way and I loved it. Though these two did go a little quick when you think about it, for me it didn’t feel that way at all. Kayla and Cooper just clicked, they knew each other nearly in and out. They just had the perfect balance of heat, sweet, and swoon when they were together and I seriously could not get enough.

Overall, I adored Temporarily Yours. Diane Alberts wrote this novel with a lot of passion, sizzle and bang. Best of all, it had the funny and tender moments that were completely unforgettable.

*Thanks to Entangled Brazen for sending a copy for review purposes
I was not compensated for my opinion

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