March 3, 2014

REVIEW: TORN by Monica Murphy

Torn by Monica Murphy (Billionaire Bachelors Club #2)
Publisher: Avon Impluse
Publication Date: November 19, 2013
Source: Edelweiss via publisher
Rating: 4/5 stars
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Marina Knight came to this party for one thing only: to slap Gage Emerson in the face. Poised to snatch up her family’s real estate empire, the sexy tycoon is on the verge of making an enemy for life—even if he can make her melt with a single kiss …

When Gage discovers that the alluring woman before him is the key to his latest acquisition, claiming her as his suddenly doesn’t seem quite so cut-and-dried. To get what he wants, he must get to know the fierce woman willing to face him down—as she steadily steals his heart.

Gage’s persistence and intense passion war with Marina’s determination to protect her family. As they delve deeper into an affair they didn’t see coming, Marina’s torn: Will she lose her heart to Gage—or everything she holds dear?

My thoughts, feelings, and reactions
I feel like I have been dying to get my hands on Gage’s book since I finished Crave. Now that I have read and loved and breathed all that is Gage, I can say that the wait was sooooo worth it. Gage was everything and anything I thought he could be and more. He totally owned this book. 

Gage totally met is match in Marina Knight. She may have seemed like a sweet, quiet girl, but she was spunky and full of fire underneath all that. She brought her A game and managed to fluster, confuse and make Gage sweat. I liked her because she was able to get under Gage’s skin and because she valued her family’s legacy. She didn’t give up, she worked hard, and she continued to believe that the bakery was worth something.

Though Gage was arrogant and possibly said the worse things at the worse of times (kind of like Archer, huh?), he was striking, determined and fierce. He was always this put together guy that got whatever he wanted when he put his mind to it and to see him so out of his game was such a fun side to see out of him. He struggled with business and pleasure, but I loved that he let Marina in and basically balanced the two things he enjoyed most. 

Together Gage and Marina were extremely hot, possibly explosive and volcanic. I needed some serious ice cold water during some of their scenes together because hot damn, I couldn’t even! Not only that, Monica Murphy’s writing style is always so easy and quick. It doesn’t take much for me to get lost in her books and that’s exactly what happened with Torn. I was done and I didn’t even realize I was or how much time passed. 

I think my only issue with the book is the pacing of Gage and Marina’s relationship. I thought it went just a little too fast, not because of time. It was the chunk of the their development that lacked luster just a bit. Nonetheless, I loved their chemistry, their intensity, their back and forth, hot and cold tension. Their arguments weren’t tiresome, but so entertaining. And the best part, their wasn’t much angst between the two, but just enough to rattle their relationship and give spice. 

All in all, Monica Murphy didn’t disappoint. I wanted Gage and I got him just the way I wanted him. 

*Thanks to Avon Impulse for sending a copy for review purposes
I was not compensated for my opinion

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