April 29, 2014

BLOG TOUR: Without You by Julie Prestater Review

Without You by Julie Prestsater
Publication Date: February 14th, 2014
Genre: NA/adult contemporary romance
Source: Author
Rating: 4/5 stars
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When two people connect, they can make beautiful music together. But what happens when music is the thing that tears them apart?

Evan James had it all. Drop-dead sexy, brilliantly talented musician, a skyrocketing career and his high school sweetheart by his side. When he’s offered a golden opportunity to go on tour, he never imagined she wouldn’t go with him. Without her, he found his dream meant nothing. Three years later, bereft and alone, Evan stops at an open mic night and spots someone sitting in the audience, the beautiful face of a woman he’d never forget...Maddy, his one true love.

Madison Grey had only ever loved one man. When Evan broke her heart she had no choice but to move on with her life, start a career of her own, and she even finds a new love. Still, thoughts of Evan were never put to rest. And on one fateful night, she unexpectedly hears him pour his heart out into a new song. A song about broken hearts, lost love, and second chances. A song about her.

With the help of their scheming friends, Maddy and Evan are thrown into each other’s lives once more. While learning to love and trust again, there is only one thing left on both of their minds... Is life better with or without you?

My Review
Without You by Julie Prestsater was half part second chance romance and half part love for music. 

In three words it was simple, lovely and heart-warming.

For Evan and Madison, fate has given them a second chance at true love. Evan comes back to his hometown hoping to redeem himself in Madison’s eyes and heart. He’s a famous musician, but ready to trade it all for Madison because he felt incomplete without her. I found Evan to be romantic and swoon worthy. He cared deeply about Madison. Evan finally understood what was more important than fame and it was to love and be with Madison. I adored Evan because he did all these little things for Madison to win her back.

Madison tried to forget Evan, but continued to ache for him even when she tried to move one with another. When he comes back to town, she didn’t know what to think or feel. She obviously still loved Evan and was very wary of trusting her heart again when it came to him. Madison was a sweet girl who loved teaching kids and appreciated music. She was silly and care free and a really good friend. I liked her just as much as I liked Evan, even though she was a tad bit dramatic during some parts. 

This book was pretty short. I certainly enjoyed it and felt the feels when Madison and Evan got their sweet moments on, but I did wish that there was a little more tension in the beginning. The way they got back together was pretty quick for me. However, these two were just perfect together. They had this natural vibe and connection. I believed and felt their love because it was right there in their emotions and actions. 

Prestsater didn't just add in tension and angst, but also the sweetest of moments. I also liked that this story was centrally focused on Madison and Evan and a very strong support system to back them both up. It was nice to see a very strong connection between two people and among friends. And although this book had some steamy parts and sexual innuendoes here and there, I really found Without You to be wholesome and uplifting. 

All in all, Without You really captured the importance and meaning of true love. Evan and Madison’s story left me completely content.


About the Author
I'm a mom, a wife, a teacher, a reader, and a writer. I'm also an lunatic when it comes to the NFL and playing Fantasy football, especially if I don't get my first pick quarterback: Tony Romo. When I'm not at home or work, you can probably catch me on the 15 freeway singing my heart out and dancing away in my car.  


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