April 21, 2014

REVIEW: Fix You by Christine Bell

Fix You by Christine Bell (The McDaniels Brothers #1)
Publication Date: March 27, 2014
Source: Author*
Rating: 4/5 stars
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Olivia Beckett’s once-charmed life is falling apart. Her family is about to lose everything, and she has almost no chance of continuing her college education. She can't even seek solace from her high school sweetheart. He's changed. She doesn't recognize the boy she used to know— his violent behavior is escalating and it scares the hell out of her. Her whole world is crumbling, and she has no one to turn to……

Sebastian “Bash” McDaniels is an up and comer in the boxing world working nights at the local college bar until he can land the fight of his dreams that will get him the hell out of Boston and away from his family's tragic past. He’s weeks from his goal when Olivia Beckett comes tumbling into his life in a flash of silky dark hair and haunted eyes. When he saves her from a potentially brutal beating, they begin to grow close, but Olivia's ex isn’t ready to let her go so easily.

Bash can't bring himself to walk away, but fixing Olivia just might leave him broken…

My thoughts, feelings, and reactions
Fix You by Christine Bell was a short and surely fast paced serial novel. I wasn’t really sure what I was going to get with such a short read, but I loved Bell’s work and she didn’t disappoint me at all!

Characters: Olivia and Bash

Both characters were flawed and so easy to connect with that I had no problem liking them straight away. Bash was running from a bad past towards a better future in boxing while Olivia struggled with her present and unknown future due to her family’s financial issues along with her abusive boyfriend she wishes to be free off. These two are far from perfect or even close to being fixed, but they were both strong as they could be. Bash didn’t have a very privileged life and though he saw himself and Olivia as two broken people, he still didn’t hesitate to help her at that first moment. I liked that he told Olivia what he saw in Andy, but didn’t try to force her to do anything. He allowed her to be the one to see who her boyfriend really was and to take action. Olivia was a sweetheart. She saw the good in Andy even after what he did. She worries about her family even though they don’t want her to be. She was just a good person in and out and I really loved that about her. 

Romance: Sizzling Hot

The first encounter between Bash and Olivia surely made sparks fly! There was some serious intensity and attraction going on right from the get go. The more they were around each other, the more intense it got. They tried to resist each other, but their connection was just so spot on I can’t blame them. They were good together and good for each other. I definitely think their romance needs more development later on, but Bell gave them a solid start.

Storyline: Quick but with Substance

I thought that Fix You was just a taste of something good more to come. Bell dives into who and where Bash and Olivia came from and what exactly their issues were. Both characters don’t fully show their cards, but they show enough vulnerability and care for the trust to build up. There’s a mix of forbidden romance, family problems, and abuse that gets developed here but still leaves you with more questions on whats to come. And although this book is short and the attraction between both characters was nearly instant, I thought it was well written. 

All in all, Christine Bell gave me short spicy novel that packs in the sexiness and left me needing the next book asap! I loved it!

*Thanks to Christine Bell for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review

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