March 28, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday #15

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill @ Breaking the Spine where you share an upcoming release that you're anticipating on reading.

I'm waiting on..
Expected Publication: June 5, 2012

NOTE: If you haven't read The Vincent Boys, beware that the summary has spoilers and possibly my 'Why I'm waiting' section too. Read with caution!

Goodreads Summary:
He may have given her up without a fight, but Sawyer Vincent is far from over losing the girl he’s loved all of his life. Instead of giving up his best friend and the girl he thought he’d spend forever with, he gave Ashton and his brother Beau his blessing. However, adjusting to seeing Ashton wrapped up in Beau’s arms isn’t easy. Complicating everything even more, Ashton’s cousin Lana is in town for the summer. Sweet, kind, soft-spoken Lana, who gets under his skin. Just being near her makes him forget all about Ashton and his broken heart.

Lana is everything he wanted Ashton to be except she isn’t Ashton. She lacks the backbone to stand up for herself and confidence that Ashton wears like a crown. Lana McDaniel has lived her life in her cousin's shadow. While Lana struggled with her grades no matter how hard she tried, her mother praised Ashton's intelligence. She hadn’t been blessed with Ashton’s blond hair and flawless skin, but that didn't keep her mother from lamenting her naturally red hair and freckles. But none of that would have mattered if Ashton hadn’t always had Sawyer Vincent wrapped around her finger -- the only boy Lana wanted. Once Ashton let Sawyer go, Lana had been so sure that he’d move on. Determined to make Sawyer finally see her, she'd talked her mother into letting her spend the summer with Ashton. But Sawyer is still in love with Ashton, and Lana isn’t going to be anyone's rebound girl. No matter how yummy Sawyer Vincent’s kisses taste.

Why I'm waiting?

1. It's Abbi Glines!
Abbi wrote Breathe, The Vincent Boys, Existence, Because of Low and Predestined! I have read every single one of her books (except Because of Low which I'm starting soon) and I loved them all! Every book she comes out with is another must-read on my list. I freaking love Abbi's work so there is no way I'm patiently waiting for this one. I need it know. SO BAD. After I read Because of Low, I'm all out of Abbi books until The Vincent Brothers releases and well, I don't think I can handle that. LOL! June needs to come quick!

2. Ash & Beau.
I know this book isn't centered on Ash or Beau, but Abbi said we get to see them which is perfectly fine by me. I loved them both so much in The Vincent Boys, I couldn't get enough. I'll take what I can get when it comes to those two. They are so cute together and I want to see them be an actual couple! It'll be nice to see them again :)

3. Sawyer Vincent.
Let's just say I have a soft spot for the other love interests in all of Abbi's books, but especially Sawyer. Not sure why, maybe because TVB is the first of Abbi's books I've read or maybe because of the situation he was put in, but I adore Sawyer. You don't get to see much of him in TVB, not until the end, so I definitely want to know him better. I also felt really bad for Sawyer and I'm hoping he gets his own happy ending too.

4. Lana McDaniel.
I got to know very little about her in TVB, but when Abbi announced there would be another book I had a feeling Lana would be back and I was right! I can't say if I like or dislike Lana since she barely showed up in the first book, but I've loved every MC of Abbi's so I have no doubt. Already, Lana and Sawyer look good together. I think they are more alike and compatible with each other compared to Sawyer and Ash. Not sure how Ash will feel about her cousin dating Sawyer, but who knows! At this point anything can happen. I won't be surprised (ok maybe I will!) if Abbi decides to switch them all up in the end. LOL! Just kidding! 

The Vincent Brothers is not available for Pre-order just yet. However, Abbi has a giveaway going on for anyone who has reviewed The Vincent Boys on Amazon.  More info HERE.

Get to know Abbi Glines & all her awesome books!

Look out for my reviews for Breathe and Predestined -- coming soon!

What are you waiting on?
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  1. This one looks really good :) Thanks for sharing! +New gfc follower!
    Here's my WoW post :)

    -Kimberly @ Turning The Pages

  2. I have the first book of this series on my Kindle and really hope to read it sometime soon. Awesome pick! :)

    Fictional Distraction

  3. This is a book I haven't seen before- looks awesome! Thanks for giving so much detailed info on it- you've really got me hyped up to read it! Ugh I'd hate it if my sister was going out with someone I had feelings for- it would really creep me out.

    New follower :-)

    My WoW:

  4. This book does sound interesting. I will have to add it to my TBR shelf.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I haven't started this series, but they look great!
    My WoW:

  6. So.. I couldn't read the blurb or your reasons, because I have not read the first book yet, but I do plan to.. And the amount of reasons plus the fact that I cannot read them made it even worse. XD

    Patricia // My WOW

    1. Patricia!! I tried to comment on your WoW post, but I totally fail at your verification. LOL! Sorry that you couldn't read the blurb or my reasons! >.< I hope you like The VIncent Boys when you get a chance to read it. It's fill with steamy scenes that I just love. <3

  7. I haven't read The Vincent Boys yet. Like the Cover for this one though.

    My WoW@BloodSweatandBooks

  8. I haven't read The Vincent Boys yet but I'm DYING to! Nice pick!

    My WoW

  9. Great pick. I started reading The Vincent Boys and stopped because it made me uncomfortable, but I've heard great things about it. I'm glad that Abbi Glines is writing another book with these characters.


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