April 24, 2012

Teaser Tuesday #16

Teaser Tuesday is weekly meme hosted by MizB from Should Be Reading.

He laughed. Now I wanted to kill him - then die.
   "That's a terrible reason," he said.
   "Yeah? You've got a better one?"
He leaned forward. He cupped his hands around my face, one warm hand over each cheek. He kissed me.
   "Because I wanted to," he said, when he let go. "That would have sufficed." Location 758

He was lying face down.  His left arm was flung out at an unnatural angle, elbow bent backward and splintered bone poking through the flesh. His right arm was crushed beneath him. He was so still.
And the blood. Location 1171

What do you think of those teasers? 
Let me know and leave me your links to your teasers!


  1. Great tease! The first one made me swoon and the second one was gross and shocking! LOL Very curious as to what all is going on.
    My TT

  2. ahh, I've read the Book of Blood and Shadow, but this makes me want to reread it! the second tease makes me shudder, and the first makes me want to push the two characters together so they'll kiss.

    here's mine from Jackson Pearce's PURITY.

  3. Love the first teaser! The second one gave me chills! This book has had so many mixed reviews, but I'm totally curious about it. Defiantly going to have to read it someday! :D

  4. I must read this book! I know some ppl were not lovin it that much but I am too curious to pass it up.
    I cant wait to see ur review when u finish. 1st time visitor to your cute blog. Love the colors!
    My "TT" will leave you sleeping with the lights on ;)

  5. PS: PERFECT pick for Team Darius! I love me some Dean Winchester although I must admit I am a Team Sammy Winchester girl first <3


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