April 18, 2012

Words, Pages, and Books Feat. in VEUX Magazine

My first review request came from Ada Adams, author of ReVamped. I was pretty excited to have my first real review request. It made me feel like I mattered and that my opinion was valued! I was more than willing to read and review ReVamped for Ada.

Before starting ReVamped, I was a little hesitant. At that point, I usually read books that I bought and wrote reviews for that. Or for books I have won in giveaways, so I wasn't nervous to read the books and write up a review. My opinion is my opinion and I always stick with it. For ReVamped, I was quite nervous. The book sounded like something I would enjoy, which is a number one reason why I accepted the request. I planned on writing my honest opinion on the book, but I always had that nagging in my brain taunting me that I was going to hate the book and I would have to write a bad review and break the author's heart. I'm not one to directly put my opinion out there and shove it in the author's face. It's just mean. I would never link a bad review to an author. It's just not right. Despite these hesitations and doubts, I went it for the kill and read ReVamped. I was immediately smitten with the story. I absolutely LOVED ReVamped and was more than happy to write my gushing review

So I posted up my review for all the world to see, including Ada,  and she really liked it.  This was an honest review, people. My doubts and hesitations did not affect my way of thinking. What I wrote in my review for ReVamped was true and came from my very soul. After writing my review for ReVamped, it was this time that I started getting more review requests! I was happy to see that more authors wanted my opinion. I took advice from other bloggers and only accepted ones that interested me or that followed my review policy. I did stumble upon a book that I couldn't finish. It was sad, but I was honest and because of this, I knew that my review for ReVamped was not swayed by my fears. And for this, other bloggers shouldn't be afraid either. Authors have to understand that some books are just not for us. I was just lucky that most of the review requests I accepted have been books I have come to enjoy. :)

After this, Ada mentioned that VEUX Magazine wanted to post snippets from blogger reviews for ReVamped. I didn't really think much of it, but Ada offered me a little section in VEUX Magazine that would feature a part of my review with other bloggers, praising ReVamped. I was MORE than thrilled! This was BIG, for me whether or not it helps my blog get out there or not. I was just amazed that anyone would want to feature a part of my review to even begin with. I was very thankful and I still am. 

I'm actually much closer to Ada now and we talk on and off occasionally. She's super sweet and nice. She really loves her readers and I just know she'll get far with her writing. I'm a big supporter of ReVamped and I'm not so patiently waiting for the sequel: ReAwakened. It's been a complete honor to be able to interact and get to know Ada and be able to help her with spreading the support for her new book. 

I have been busy with school for the past few weeks and of course, the magazine slipped from my mind. I got a direct message from Ada, linking me to the page where my review was praising ReVamped. I completely lost it. I was screaming and jumping up and down. It was crazy. I think I nearly cried. It was just an eye-opening experience to see my name in that magazine! I was shocked and internally and externally freaking out about it. 

Of course, I wanted to share this with my blog readers and friends because of you guys, I was inspired to start up this blog and you guys have given me strength and courage to keep it going! This accomplishment is all because of you and Ada Adams <3 I can't thank you guys enough!

Cover of the VEUX Magazine:

Here's the tearsheet from VEUX Magazine where the blogger reviews and book praises are!

And here's my section from the magazine, blown up and captured: (I apologize for the quality)

It's really mind blowing to see that. It's still a shock to know that my name is in this magazine! :)

Anyway, the ReVamped Blog Tour is still going on! So don't forget to check out all the stops! There are interviews, guest posts, character interviews, excerpts and POVs from the two love interests that are to die for! Plus, I'm holding my own ReVamped Giveaway

Have an awesome day everyone :) <3 


  1. AHHH! CONGRATS JESSIRAE!! That is so exciting!!

    1. Thanks Bailey! It was exciting! I was super elated :)

  2. OMG!!! CONGRATS!!! You totally deserve it, due to how amazing you are!!

    1. Thank you Tiff <3 You're amazing yourself :D

  3. Congratulations!! That must have been so awesome :) You deserve it!

  4. Aww! What a sweet post Jessirae!

    I had no idea that you were feeling so nervous about doing the review. I guess authors and bloggers are very similar in that regard. As an author, you put your work into the world and hope that others will like it. At the same time, I'm sure that most authors appreciate bloggers' honest reviews. I don't think that I would ever want someone to post a good review just because they didn't wish to hurt my feelings (and I'm certain most other authors feel the same way). I'm so thrilled that you loved the book so much, but at the same time I also truly appreciate that you stuck to your integrity and wrote from the heart. It makes the review and the magazine feature all the more worthwhile! :)

    Happy reading!


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