October 10, 2008

Lets review

Note: I had a Math test today and I thought I did pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

Spent the day at Calvin's house mostly sleeping. I love it and I love him.

Anyway, I finally finished Lottery by Patricia Wood. I think I got it on Tuesday and finished today. It's such a great accomplishment. I feel like I'm doing something productive all the time.

Like I promised, I'm going to review the book I read.

Lottery by Patricia Wood.

One word, endearing. The book will truly inspire you in and out. Reading the book made me realize the importance of everyone around me. You must be patient and kind, though you are totally annoyed out of your mind because some people are just not like you. Some are slow, just like Perry L. Crandall. He isn't a retard that is for sure. That is true and this is echt. People are different in many ways and that's what I realized. You realize that sometime you can't even trust your family. You need to make decisions on your own because if not, you won't be able to when you are left alone. Though Perry L. Crandall sacrificed his "luckiness", in the end he was the one who was happy. He had his friends with him the whole way. Though people thought he was imcompetent because he had an IQ of 76, he was still nice and hopeful. He wasn't mean, nor rude. He was genuine. The main charcter is a true person. He is true to his word, true to his life.

Lottery is the true essence of happiness. I loved all the characters because they played out well, good or bad. The main character, Perry L. Crandall was definetly a delight. He showed that he was strong and was able to depend on his own when his grandmother died. Keith, Perry's best friend. He was surely my favorite. He treated Perry the same before and after he won the Lottery. He was a true friend. I loved how he never lied about his feelings and always told how he saw it. He treated Perry like an equal. Not a retard, a werido. Same with Cherry. She was Keith's girlfriend. But Perry secretly loved her. She loved Keith and Perry in and out, for every flaw. All three characters we're the essence of having happiness in the end.

There was a few things I didn't like. The author never really told much about Perry's father or grandfather. I wanted to know more about the characters, but it's alright. I also wanted to know why Perry's family hated him so. I know he was mentally challenged, but there was no specific reason. Like they just didn't want him? They thought he wasn't useful or he was worthless? I don't know. A character dies, (I don't want to spoil it) and I didn't like how this person was taken out of the story. I wanted it's character to stay, but I guess in the end it made everything work out? Not sure how that really plays out. I also wanted to know what Louise (Perry's mother) said after Cherry and he sent her a letter. I wanted to know how she reacted.

Well yes, I suggest you go and buy this book. It's Lottery by Patricia Wood. It cost $14.00 plus tax. It's a spectaculer book that makes you want to read from cover to cover. Go guy it now!

Next book I will buy with be a Nicholas Sparks book. I'm not sure which one. I'm planning on reading all the books he wrote. He's an awesome writer. Please check out his work. He is the writer that wrote A Walk to Remember, The Notebook and Nights in Rodanthe. All three books came out on film. I will compare the last two books I mention once I read the book and watch the movie. Thank you!