December 8, 2008

Cold skin; Warm blood.

I finally finished Eclipse today! I know it took my from Thrusday up until now, Monday. But I didn't have much time over the weekend to read because on Friday, I did the laundry. Saturday, I went out with Calvin until late and on Sunday, I was piled with homework. I finished it in between breaks before going to English.

Basically, everything is back to normal because Edward and his family is back with the exception of Jacob breaking his friendship with Bella. He did so because werewolves and vampires are mortal enemies. Bella is torn between her love fir Edward and her attraction to Jacob. Both love her deeply, but she can only choose one. Jacob screens her calls for awhile, but eventually gives in to the friendship because of his feelings. Meanwhile, Bella's graduation is approaching. She must decide soon one who to choose; Stay as a human with her human parents and live her human life with half human Jacob? or be a bloodsucker, with golden eyes, pale white and ice cold skin and live forever with her love Edward? As the decision comes closer, she is afraid of losing Jacob, but also worried she could be hurting Edward. Jacob and Edward continue to fight for Bella's heart, though she was set on becoming a vampire. Edward just waits hoping Bella won't change her mind last minute, while Jacob tries to change Bella's mind Meanwhile, series of deaths happens in Seattle and the Cullens are convinced it's due to newborn vampire and then an intruder goes into Bella's room, stealing a few of her belongings for her scent. And also, Victoria is still trying to get her way to Bella. Edward and his family assume it's the Voltaire, but Jasper is saying that they would never break such rules and release newborns just to get their way. Bella gets an epiphany, putting two in two that Victoria was doing all this. The Cullens agree that this could be it and Jacob gets informed as well. The werewolves and he Cullens make an alliance to defeat Victoria and the newborns. Two nights before the fight, Alice makes an excuse for Bella to sleepover because Bella begged Edward not to fight. In doing so, she does spend the night with the Edward while the rest of the family hunt. That night, Bella decides she wants to give her virtue to Edward. And asks if she can have him. He says yes, but misunderstands and stops he before anything can happen. He told her that he would life to save the virtue and wait until they are married. She gives up and agrees. He also shows her the engagement ring for her, but since Bella as some weird thing about jewelery, she only wore it to see it it fits then takes it off, knowing that their engagement hasn't been exposed. The next day, they camp out in the woods despite the storm, setting a fake trail to lure the newborns to. The next day is the fight. Due to some complications, Victoria noticed that Edward wasn't with the rest and finds the trail to their camp out. In the end, the Cullens and the werewolf pack are triumph. Bella break it to Jacob that she has chosen Edward. She has decided that she cannot live without him; it causes her more pain than the one with Jacob. (Note: Jacob found out about the engagement when her overheard Bella and Edward tlaking about it in the tent. He becomes upset and runs off. Bella gets upset because she hurt Jacob so Edward goes and gets him. Bella and Jacob talk and somehow Jacob tricks Bella into kissing him so he will not die in the fight purposely. After the kiss, Bella realizes she loves Jacob too. But like I said, not as much as she loves Edward.) At the end, Bella finally agrees to Alice's request of having a big wedding rather than running off to Vegas with Edward. She tells Edward that it is time to tell her father, Charlie and asks Edward to place the engagement ring on her finger for real this time.

Okay. I will say that I watched Twilight again on Saturday. I know it's ridiculous, but come on. I love Twilight and I love Robert Pattinson and Bella and Edward. Haha. I couldn't help myself. I'm trying to stop the urge of wanting to watch it for a third time. I don't want to get sick of it. And on Sunday, I finally downloaded the songs on the Twilight Soundtrack. I couldn't download The Score so I will just buy it. It's available in stores tomorrow. I'm debating if I should get it tomorrow or wait, but I am afraid it will be sold out. We'll see.(If you don't know what 'The Score' is, it's just like an exclusive second soundtrack of Twilight.) It's been hectic since this week is the last week of work and then after this week is all finals. I can finally relax. I'm finally looking forward to going to Disneyland this winter break! And then I'm going to concentrate on getting my license and reading Breaking Dawn (The finaly installment of Twilight). And then I'm moving on to other books. But I will eventually reread the Twilight Saga when I don't have much interest in buying a new book. So basically, I'm wrapping up my fall semester and ready to enjoy the break. Christmas is two weeks away and I am excited. Until again!

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