February 23, 2013

Stacking the Shelves #29

Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga's Reviews where you can share books obtained via the bookstore, the library, online, through trade, borrowed from friends, gifted and/or received for review that you're adding to your shelf.

Books Mentioned:
For Review - Edelweiss/Netgalley
Wild Awake by Hilary T. Smith
The Ward by Jordana Frankel
Born of Illusion by Teri Brown
Transparent by Natalie Whipple
Another Little Piece by Kate Karyus Quinn
Parallel by Lauren Miller
The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa

For Review - Blog Tours
Love's Forbidden Flower by Diane Rinella
Deeper We Fall by Chelsea M. Cameron

Bought/Freebies -
Hard to Resist by Shanora Williams
Playing for Keeps by J.E. Macleod
The Torn Wing by Kiki Hamilton

Won/Gifted -
Of Triton by Anna Banks
For Darkness Shows the Stars (signed) + swag

Bloggers Mentioned:
Giselle @ Xpresso Book Tours
Jaime @ Two Chicks on Books
Vi @ Confessions from a Vi3tbabe

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  1. Been wanting to read For Darkness Shows the Stars forever! Signed is awesome! I also got some great review eBooks like Transparent, The Ward, Parallel, and The Eternity Cure. So excited for all of them. Happy reading!
    My Stack

  2. The eternity cure! I'm waiting and I hope that I will be accepted. I need it! Another little piece and The ward sound also very good :)

    Happy reading!

  3. Some great books there. I want to read Hard To Resist! Enjoy your books and have a great week!

  4. I've been hearing a lot about Transparent. I might just have to curl out of my shell and find out whats it's about :) Great haul!

    Star xx

  5. It looks a lot of bloggers went out and got The Eternity Cure this week! let's hope is as good or better than the first! Happy Reading! Please stop by my blog sometime!

  6. You are so lucky to Win a copy of Triton. Also I'm doing a giveaway of Fallen Kingdoms and it's signed. Great haul. I love the cover of the Ward. I really love Edelweiss and Netgalley books.


  7. You've got some great books! I can't wait for Of Triton! I've got a signed copy of For Darkness Shows the Stars sitting on my shelf right now, waiting to be read (I should probably get around to it...) Happy reading!

    Here's my StS

  8. You're very welcome love! I hope you enjoy the book. Oh, we should read it at the same time so we can rant and rave about it to each other! Heart you!

    Confessions of a Vi3tBabe
    Deity Island

  9. Wow! Great haul. I also got several of these books as well. I hope you enjoy all of them.

    I'm a new Linky/Networked Blogs follower. :)

    My Book haul is here

    ~Danica Page@Taking it One Page at a Time

  10. Transparent and Parallel are both great. Also, Of Triton was amazing! Enjoy your books:)

  11. I picked up the novella for free to For Darkness Shows the Stars, but haven't actually read the first book yet. I'd really like to get to it soon!

    Happy reading!

    My StS post

  12. OH! For Darkness Shows The Stars is really good, so I hope you end up enjoying it! And Of Triton! AH. I need to read the first book in the series.

    Hope you enjoy all of your books.

    My Stacking the Shelves

  13. Oh!!! I loved The Eternity Cure. There is more romance and I am fully satisfied! *ehem Zeke!*

    I didn't like Of Poseidon at all, but I loved Of Triton!

    I hope you enjoy your goodies! :D Happy reading Jessirae!

  14. Awesome Selection! I have also started following your blog.

  15. So many awesome book :) Hope you enjoy them all! Thanks for stopping by My Haul!


  16. Awesome haul Jessirae :D


    Checking out Deeper We Fall and I've heard GREAT things about For Darkness Shows the Stars. That signed copy is gorgeous :o

    Happy reading :)

  17. Wow, they all sound good. Negalley and Edelweiss had some good books this week. Happy reading.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  18. wow what a haul. Some really good ones. I really want to star the Fairy Ring Series. I have heard lots of good things about it. My STST http://jennreneeread.blogspot.com/2013/02/stacking-shelves-23.html#comment-form

  19. Ooo, I have heard so many good things about Wild Awake already! I am really looking forward to it!
    Great stack of newbies, enjoy them :)

  20. Love the cover of Transparent! You got a lot of great-sounding books. Hope you love them! :)

  21. of Triton... *squeals* OMG I am so freaking envious right now!!!! Like come to your house to fawn over it envious lol. There are so many great titles in there and I hope you enjoy them!!
    Here is My Weekly Report

  22. Netgalley and Edelweiss are awesome! I got some of those titles too and I'm so excited to get to them.
    I really liked For Darkness Shows The Stars! I hope you like it too!
    Enjoy your book haul!

    Here's mine :

  23. Nice haul! I loved signed books, you are so lucky!

    My bookish haul

  24. Awesome haul! I also got the Eternity Cure :D Looking forward to reading it :p

    I really want to read For Darkness Shows the Stars, it looks amazing!

    Enjoy your new books!

    Kyra @ Blog of a Bookaholic
    My STS Post

  25. Hi

    Transparent and Parallel are both on my Wish List.

    Enjoy your reads.

    Please check out my haul at http://thewanderingbookworm.wordpress.com/2013/02/23/showcase-sundayletterbox-lovestacking-the-shelvesbought-borrowed-bagged/

  26. You've got a lot a great books this week! I'm also super excited to read Another Little Piece! You're right that that tag line is so intriguing! Thanks for visiting Elegantly Bound Books :)

    Crystal @ Elegantly Bound Books

  27. Wow so many good books this week, Jessirae! I can't wait to read Another Little Piece, that one was my WoW a while back and it sounds so damn good! I'm really curious about Wild Awake, it sounds so good but has been getting some mixed reviews, can't wait to see what you think!



    I am the worst friend EVER. But I will come back tomorrow and watch it because right now I'm on emotional overload from the Oscars and DUDE you got SUCH AMAZING BOOKS I'M JEALOUS!

    Those Edelweiss books look SO EPIC and Of Triton? NO WAY.

    NO WAY.

    Awesome haul Jessibug! (I'm claling you that because I like thinking of weird nicknames...it might fizzle out though WHO EVEN KNOWS)

  29. You have some fun titles and I can't wait to get started on The Eternity Cure. Here's our list if you're interested: BiblioJunkies Happy reading! ~ Bel

  30. So many amazing Harper approvals this week. I got a few too and I can't wait to read them. I think I am looking forward to The Ward and Arclight the most. Thank you for visiting our blog and commenting!


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