March 13, 2009

Twilight Invasion

Like I promised last post, I'm going to post up this whole post about Twilight related things. But just a reminder, I will post the summary about Going Home, either tomorrow or Sunday and also tell you about today's day and a little special guest Calvin and I had. But before I get off track, I'll go ahead and start the Twilight Invasion!

First is Robert Pattinson's interview with GQ magazine!

a few days after
we meet Robert Pattinson for the first time, we will call up his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart, who will say this about him:

“He can’t lie,” she says. “It makes things a little scary for him sometimes. But it’s my favorite thing about him.”

Funny—by then, it would be our favorite thing about him, too. We spend a Tuesday afternoon with Pattinson, in a little bakery-cafĂ© on Doheny Drive, in West Hollywood, and the whole time, he seems to be telling the truth compulsively, heedlessly, helplessly, as if he’d been shot with a sodium pentothal dart while parking his car.

Pattinson’s other problem—he admits this early on—is that he can’t abide a conversational lull.

“I just say the first thing that comes into my head,” he said, “out of nervousness. During interviews I’m literally shitting my pants. I don’t want there to be a silence, because I’ll start crying.”

And! some pictures!

If you want to read more of the interview, it'll be here. (If you read the rest of this blog, there is a link to the scans of the entire coverage of Rob on the magazine. I'm too lazy to arrange.)

On Spoiler TV website, they show 100 + pictures of the cast of New Moon on set! I won't show any pictures, but I will provide the link here. If you look at the page, it'll say Twilight: New Moon - 100+ Set Photos and other stuff beneath. Click on the button that says 'Click to View Photos' and under will show all of the pics.

I don't have the videos or the link to it, but if you search youtube for 'Twilight deleted scenes' or 'Twilight extended scenes" because Access Hollywood show 5 deleted scenes, and I'm sure someone put them up. And someone also leaked the extended scenes from the DVD and posted it up on youtube. I would post up links, but there are way too many.

Here is a link to some pictures of some of the female cast of New Moon leaving a coffe shop, Starbucks, perhaps?

A link to Twist Magazine Here about when New Moon will be shooting.

Picture plus caption of Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone (Alice and Japser) here.

An article about 10 ways to make New Moon an awesome movie here. (It's a slideshow, just FYI) just posted scans of the entire section of Robert in GQ Magazine, here at their gallery.

Celebuzz is having a contest on who is the biggest Twilight fan. If you win, you can get the DVD before it comes out, FREE. Read about it here.

I know it's not much info, but it's the most interesting ones that have been coming out all over. If you want more to read/look at please go to,, and/or Those are the 3 top sites I go to for Twilight/New Moon updates or Robert Pattinson updates. Feel free to browse them because they love new people looking around!

Alright then, I hope you all enjoyed a little Twilight Invasion! Until next time.

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