July 24, 2009

Twilight Screening

Okay, I want to tell you all about the Twilight screening event I went to yesterday. Sadly, I don't feel like giving the full details. But, I'll give you a play by play. Haha.

- Left house at 10am.
- It took an hour to find parking. I was just about to give up and change my mind about going.
- Found parking far away. Ran half way there.
- Line was already freakin' long.
- Didn't get in line until 12 noon.
- I was freakin' hot and cranky and hungry. Not good.
- Calvin bought me chips, Arizona green tea and ice cream. YUM!
- Luckily, the line grew and grew
- Sadly, the Security Guard said there was going to be 14 theaters.
- Each theater held 250 people.
- Security Guard said that once seated, a cast member or members will introduce movie/answer questions.
- I was upset because I MIGHT not see Rob. He's the REASON why I wanted to go.
- Security Guard also said that we were going to get wrist bands.
- So we needed the ticket to get the wrist band, but needed both to get in.
- Good thing the line moved up a bit. I was under the sun for a while, but mostly under the shade.
- I think about 2 hours in, my feet were killing me.
- Wanted Calvin to buy a towel or something so I could sit down, but didn't happen. Floor was dirty to sit on.
- We didn't get wrist bands until 4pm when Security Guard said 3 or 3:30.
- Line started to move by then. Still took forever.
- Camera men were coming by. Lots of screaming at this point.
- More screaming when the cast came. But couldn't see no matter what. Darn, for being short.
- Didn't get in until 6ish
- Before sitting in theater, got to see New Moon (hasn't come out yet) Merchandise.
- Got free New Moon candy, Team Edward Burger King Crown, and Lip Venom lip gloss.
- Got in the theater around 6:30ish
- We were close to the front, but not close enough.
- The cast came out and guess who!? ROB!! with Ashley, Michael, Justin and the girl who play Jessica in Twi.
- Was screaming so loud when I saw Ashley Greene (cuz I like her) but screamed louder when I saw Rob.
- Admit was kinda disappointed when I just saw Ashley, but I was happy.
- 3 people asked questions, 2 girls got a hug and some people got an autograph by Ashley Greene,
- 1 lucky little boy got an autograph from Rob.
- I was unfortunate to not get an autograph.
- But was all good. I was happy, content :D
- They left and the movie came on.
- I think 20 minutes into the movie, we left.
- Went straight to the mall to eat. Walked around.
- Went home around 8ish-9ish.
- Before leaving, I got to see the line and it was still super duper long. Sucks >< Mk, that was it. It was hot, my feet hurt and I didn't get an autograph, but seeing Robert Pattinson was just about enough for me. Thank you Calvin. I love you.

P.S. Once Calvin sends me the pictures, will post up!

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